Nebraska Deer Hunting at It's Finest


Agriculture is a staple in western Nebraska which creates the nutrients needed for trophy mule deer and whitetail to grow to monstrous proportions. Archery hunts run from September 1st to December 31st, with statewide over-the-counter tags. The extensive season and over the counter tags makes hunting easily accessible for non-resident hunters. Along with archery, we offer rifle hunts over a period of nine days during the peak of the rut in mid-November.


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Mule Deer

Rush Creek’s numerous ranches hold an abundance of mule deer in Nebraska’s oasis, the sandhills, and the rocky sandstone bluffs surrounding the North Platte River Valley. Agriculture is a staple in the river valley, which creates the nutrients needed for these mule deer to grow to monstrous proportions. The combination of crops and hill country create perfect habitat for hunters to harvest trophy mule deer. All hunts take place under a spot and stalk setting making for an exhilarating experience.

Whitetail Deer

Nebraska is home to an immense population of trophy whitetails that spend the majority of their time on the fertile North Platte River bottoms and crop fields. The agriculture along the river valley, such as alfalfa, corn, sugar beets, and beans offer perfect forage to create deer with not only enormous antlers, but colossal bodies as well. These deer are best hunted from our strategically placed tree stands and ground blinds on field edges and frequently used deer trails.

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